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Space Jam Themed Event: Slam-Dunk Fundraising Extravaganza!

Relive the nostalgia of the iconic 90's classic, Space Jam, by organizing a slam-dunk themed event for your next basketball fundraiser. With looney ideas and creative execution, your event will be a slam dunk success!

Color Scheme:

To stay true to the theme, opt for a vibrant color palette inspired by the Looney Toons characters. Think bold shades of orange, contrasting with bright blues and yellows.

Best Season:

Summer is the perfect season to host your Space Jam event. With warmer weather, you can take advantage of outdoor spaces for activities and entertainment.

Dress Code:

Encourage your guests to embrace their inner cartoon characters by asking them to dress up in their favorite Looney Tunes-inspired attire. From vibrant wigs to exaggerated outfits, let their imaginations run wild!


Cater the event with a selection of delectable snacks and meals that are both delicious and visually appealing. Consider serving popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, and other finger foods that are reminiscent of the movie's ambiance.


Main Area:

  • Create a larger-than-life backdrop featuring the iconic Space Jam logo or silhouettes of the Looney Tunes characters.

  • Hang colorful balloon garlands in various sizes and shapes to add a festive touch.

Guest Tables:

  • Opt for bright and playful tablecloths that complement the color scheme.

  • Use vibrant chargers to add an extra pop of color beneath each plate.

  • Choose linen napkins in contrasting shades for a cohesive look.


Easy Centerpieces:

  • Craft mini basketball centerpieces using foam balls, skewers, and colorful ribbons.

  • Arrange stacks of colorful books to create whimsical and unique centerpieces.

Elaborate Centerpieces:

  • Create elaborate centerpieces by suspending basketball hoops from the ceiling and attaching mini basketballs.

  • Construct 3D models of the Looney Tunes characters using cardboard or foam and place them as centerpieces.


Design a backdrop that transports guests into the world of Space Jam. Incorporate elements such as outer space, basketball courts, and the iconic Looney Tunes logo.

Activities and Games:

  • Organize a friendly basketball tournament or a series of basketball-themed challenges for guests to participate in.

  • Set up a photo booth with props inspired by the movie, allowing guests to capture memorable moments.

  • Arrange a screening of the Space Jam movie after the main event to keep the fun going.

Active Theme Trend:

Embrace the active theme trend by incorporating interactive elements throughout the event. Encourage guests to participate in physical activities, such as basketball games or dance-offs, to add an extra level of excitement.


In the main area, create a backdrop that resembles a basketball court, complete with the iconic Space Jam logo. Decorate with basketball-themed balloons and banners.

For tablescaping, use orange or blue linen tablecloths to create a vibrant base. Add black or white chargers to define each setting. Opt for orange or blue linen napkins to tie the look together.

As centerpieces, consider using mini basketball hoops with hanging basketballs or stacks of brightly colored books adorned with basketball-themed stickers. For a more elaborate centerpiece, create a miniature basketball court using foam board and decorate it with tiny players and spectators.


For kids, opt for a whimsical and playful backdrop featuring the Looney Tunes characters. Decorate with bright and colorful balloon garlands in various shapes and sizes.

When it comes to tablescaping, use vibrant and fun tablecloths in shades like orange, blue, or yellow. Add clear or white chargers to keep the focus on the colorful table settings. Choose solid-colored napkins in contrasting shades to complement the overall look.

For easy centerpieces, use mini plush Looney Tunes characters or small toy basketballs arranged creatively. For a more elaborate centerpiece, create a DIY craft station where kids can make their own Space Jam-themed crafts, such as paper basketballs or character masks.


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