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Life on Mars- A Martian Soiree

Updated: Feb 16

In the not-so-distant future, a Mars-themed party could take on a whole new level of excitement. With visionaries like Elon Musk actively working towards making interplanetary travel a reality, the fascination with Mars has reached unprecedented heights. While the actual journey to Mars may still be a few years away, hosting a Mars-themed party here on Earth can be an exhilarating and immersive experience. Let's explore some creative ideas to bring the enigmatic red planet to life at your event:

Freechase Red Latex Balloons

Color Scheme:

To capture the essence of Mars, embrace a captivating color palette that reflects the planet's unique hues. Think warm shades of red, such as brick red, burnt orange, and terracotta, juxtaposed with neutral tones like sandy beige and dusty brown. These colors will create an authentic Martian atmosphere.


For the best celestial vibes, plan your Mars-themed party during the summer months when the skies are clear and the nights are warm. This will allow your guests to enjoy the event outdoors, under the stars, much like they would on Mars.

Dress Code:

Encourage your guests to dress up in Martian-inspired attire. Suggest outfits that mimic the spacesuits worn by astronauts, complete with futuristic accessories and LED lights. Alternatively, have them channel their inner Martian explorers by dressing in desert-inspired layers and rugged boots.


When it comes to catering, opt for a menu that incorporates both earthly and extraterrestrial elements. Serve dishes that feature ingredients commonly found on Mars, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and leafy greens. Incorporate unique spices and seasonings to add an otherworldly flavor. For drinks, consider creating mocktails that mimic the vibrant colors of the Martian landscape.


Transform your party space into a Martian landscape by using a combination of natural and futuristic elements. Create a photo backdrop that resembles the rocky terrain of Mars, complete with projections of the planet's iconic landmarks like Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris. For the guest tables, use tablecloths in deep shades of red and arrange centerpieces that feature dried branches, crystals, and miniature spacecrafts.

Tablecloth and Napkin Color:

To complement your Martian color scheme, select a tablecloth in a rich shade of red, such as burgundy or crimson.

Burgundy Tablecloth

Pair it with neutral-toned napkins, like beige or gray, to create a cohesive and visually appealing tablescape.


For centerpieces, think outside the box and embrace the Martian theme. Use glass terrariums filled with red sand, miniature astronaut figurines, and LED candles create a captivating extraterrestrial display. Alternatively, opt for arrangements that incorporate elements like dried red flowers, metallic accents, and small globes depicting the planets of our solar system.


Create a breathtaking backdrop for your event by using a large-scale image of the Martian surface. This will not only serve as an immersive photo opportunity, but also transport your guests to the red planet for the evening.

Activities and Games:

To keep your guests engaged and entertained, incorporate activities that align with the Mars theme. Organize a "Mars Rover Race" where participants navigate an obstacle course using remote-controlled rovers. Host a trivia contest centered around Mars facts and space exploration. For a more hands-on experience, set up a DIY astronaut training station where guests can try their hand at simulated spacewalks and gravity challenges.

Theme Trend:

The Life on Mars-themed party trend is part of a broader movement towards immersive and experiential events. People are seeking unique and memorable experiences that transport them to different worlds and realities. By embracing the fascination with Mars, your event will tap into this active theme trend and offer your guests an unforgettable journey to the red planet.


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