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Bridal Shower Do's and Don'ts: A Guide to a Perfect Celebration

Updated: Feb 16

A bridal shower is a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a beloved bride. It's a time for friends and family to come together, shower the bride-to-be with love and gifts, and enjoy each other's company. However, planning and attending a bridal shower can be tricky territory, so here's a handy guide to help you navigate the do's and don'ts of this joyous event:

bridal shower

Bridal Shower Do's:

1. RSVP promptly.

RSVP as soon as possible once you receive the invitation. A prompt response helps the host plan accordingly and ensures that adequate preparations are made.

2. Stick to the gift registry.

Unless otherwise specified, it's considerate to choose a gift from the bride's gift registry. This ensures that the bride and groom receive practical and desired items for their new life together.

3. Offer to help.

If you're close to the bride or part of the planning committee, don't hesitate to offer your assistance. Whether it's setting up decorations, preparing food, or running errands, your help can make the event a success.

4. Play the games.

Bridal showers are known for their fun and interactive games. Embrace the spirit of the occasion, participate enthusiastically, and don't be afraid to get a little silly.

5. Mingle and socialize.

A bridal shower is a chance to connect with friends and family. Make an effort to mingle with other guests, especially those you may not know well. Engage in conversations and enjoy each other's company.

Bridal Shower Don'ts:

1. Don't upstage the bride.

The bridal shower is all about the bride-to-be. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or attention-grabbing that might overshadow her.

2. Don't bring a plus one unless invited.

Unless the invitation explicitly states that you can bring a guest, assume that it's an invitation for you alone. Bringing an uninvited guest can disrupt the seating arrangements and budget.

3. Don't give a gift that's not on the registry (unless you're sure it's something she'll love).

While it's thoughtful to give a unique or personalized gift, ensure it's something the bride will appreciate and use. If you're unsure, it's best to stick to the registry.

4. Don't make inappropriate or crude jokes.

Bridal showers should be a fun and lighthearted occasion. Avoid making jokes that are sexually suggestive, offensive, or in poor taste.

5. Don't get overly intoxicated.

While enjoying a few drinks is acceptable, remember that a bridal shower is a celebration, not a party. Keep your alcohol intake in check and avoid getting excessively intoxicated.

Planning a Bridal Shower:

In addition to following the do's and don'ts, here are some tips for planning a successful bridal shower:

  • Choose a suitable date and time. Consider the bride's schedule and the availability of guests.

  • Select a venue that fits the theme and number of guests. It could be a home, a restaurant, or an event space.

  • Create a budget and stick to it. Bridal showers can be expensive, so plan carefully and prioritize the essential elements.

  • Send out invitations well in advance. Give guests enough time to save the date and make arrangements to attend.

  • Plan a menu that includes a variety of food and drinks. Consider the bride's preferences and any dietary restrictions of the guests.

  • Organize fun and engaging activities. Bridal shower games, crafts, or a special guest speaker are great ways to keep guests entertained.

  • Capture the memories. Assign someone to take photos or videos of the event. These memories will be cherished by the bride and groom for years to come.

Remember, a bridal shower is a time to celebrate the bride-to-be, show your support, and create lasting memories. By following these do's and don'ts, you can contribute to making her special day unforgettable.


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