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Around the World in 80 Nights: Themed Event

Updated: Feb 9

Imagine embarking on a thrilling adventure inspired by Jules Verne's classic novel, "Around the World in 80 Days." This guide will help you recreate the magic of this legendary journey through a unique and unforgettable party experience. Prepare to take your guests on a captivating voyage across different cultures and cuisines, all within the comfort of your own venue.

80S Music Theme Balloon Garland arch kit

Color Scheme:

To capture the essence of this globe-trotting theme, opt for a vibrant and diverse color palette. Incorporate hues that represent various regions of the world, such as rich jewel tones for Asia, warm earthy tones for Africa, and bright, bold colors for South America.

Dress Code:

Invite your guests to embrace the spirit of adventure by requesting them to dress in traditional attire from different countries. Encourage them to research and select outfits that reflect the diverse cultures they'll be "visiting" throughout the night.

Culinary Delights:

Offer a tantalizing array of international cuisines to match the theme. Create a menu that features dishes from around the world, allowing your guests to savor flavors from different corners of the globe. Consider setting up food stations or buffet tables to encourage mingling and sampling.Decorations:

Transform your venue into a breathtaking representation of the world's most iconic landmarks. Use large-scale backdrops, banners, and props to create immersive photo opportunities. Incorporate elements such as maps, globes, and travel-themed accessories to enhance the atmosphere.


Keep your guests engaged with interactive activities that celebrate different cultures. Set up passport stations where guests can receive stamps as they "travel" to each destination. Organize mini-games or challenges inspired by various countries, such as trivia, limbo, and dance-offs.Theme Trends:

Consider incorporating popular travel-themed trends into your party. Think vintage travel posters, retro suitcases, and whimsical hot air balloon displays. Add a touch of nostalgia and adventure to transport your guests to far-off lands.

By following this guide, you'll create an unforgettable "Around the World in 80 Nights" party that will have your guests embarking on an extraordinary journey without ever leaving your venue. Bon voyage!


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