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Andrew and Bri's Wedding at Milk and Roses

On May 25th, 2024, the nuptials of Andrew and Bri were solemnized in an unforgettable ceremony characterized by love, laughter, and exquisite aesthetics.

The outdoor ceremony, held in a romantic setting, featured an arch adorned with flowing drapery, symbolizing the couple's union. Following the ceremony, guests were treated to a delightful cocktail hour indoors, enjoying delectable pastries in a convivial atmosphere.

In the green room, the guest book and the program were strategically placed adjacent to the photo booth, accompanied by a sign and sign holder, allowing guests to extend their well wishes.



To capture precious moments, disposable cameras were thoughtfully scattered upon the reception tables, enabling guests to document the joyous occasion. A large, long mirror served as a unique and functional seating chart, guiding guests to their designated seats. Each table was adorned with elegant tablecloths, runners, numbers, and card holders, creating a harmonious and inviting ambiance. Menus and gauze napkins added a touch of sophistication to the table settings, while votive candles contributed to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Andrew and Bri's Wedding at Milk and Roses the tables in the venue exhibited a delightful variety of shapes and sizes, showcasing wooden tables with gauze table runners, folding tables draped with white venue tablecloths and additional tablecloths, and circular tables left bare. The centerpieces, crafted by Lulo floral, comprised bud vases arranged with fresh fruit, table numbers, and votive candles. Each place setting included a gauze napkin, menu, two small informational pieces of paper, an ornament wedding favor, and silverware, ensuring the guests' comfort and enjoyment.

As a special gesture, each child received a favor bag filled with entertaining toys and coloring books, while guests were presented with delicate Christmas ornament wedding favors, leaving a lasting impression of the joyous occasion.

Every aspect of Andrew and Bri's wedding was meticulously planned to create a day that was both deeply personal and unforgettable. From the ceremony décor to the reception details, the couple infused their unique style and love into every element, ensuring that their special day would be cherished in the memories of all those who attended.


Venue & Vendors


Ceremony + reception @ Milk and Roses

35 Box Street, Brooklyn 11222

 Day-of coordinators:

 A & J Luxury Event Planning


 Dottie Morris Photo


Majestic Photo Booth


NY Jukebox


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